Friday, 8 May 2015

The Opportunists.

Let me tell you a story.
The story of a stupid little girl.
The story of my friend...
(i wouldn't take her name, of course!!)

There was this.. Cute Young Stupid little girl,
She had a boy friend. whom, she adored very much.
At first she was very much excited about
how her new relationship was going to change her LIFE.
Inside out.......
The boy was of course, very clever,
whenever he needed anything, he would say- "Sweetheart, could you do this for me?"
and the stupid little girl out of new passionate love, would do it,
this continued for a while,
at first she used to help him, out of love,
then out of fear that he might get offended, if she doesn't,
then out of pressure that she can't get another guy,
then out of despair, that she might be left alone for her life..
but whenever she needed help,, she would get only one answer- "NO"

This story belongs to everyone..
this might have happened with a boy, who did everything for a girl, and was forced to do so..
this might just be your story,

Sometimes we just do something out of love for someone, and expect the same in return, but that does not happen.. at some point of time, it turns out to be so,
you find out, that you were being used..
the person, for whom you did everything, was just taking advantage.
the person may be your loved one,
your boss,
your relative,
your "So called" friend,
or it may also be "YOU"

and we call them  "THE OPPORTUNISTS"

who do you think is to blame in the above story?
The Boy? or the girl? for being stupid?
of course!! you can't blame someone for being nice, or for being in love, or for being KIND.
But there's breaking point,
where you have to choose between, getting used and getting away from it.

What to do in such situations?
when you know that the other person is taking advantage of you.
that you are being used.. you can't even know what intentions the person holds in his mind.!!

I always wondered, what if people were completely honest with each other !!
Like, someone would say. "hey, i'm being friends with you because you are popular , and i want you to do something for me"
or like " hey, i think you are beautiful, so i'm just hanging around with you, i don't care about "The so called wonderful personality or character whatever!! you call it, you are"
Gasp! but that's not possible and it's not good either..
Just like Nolan said " Absolute Honesty isn't always the most diplomatic nor the safest form of communication with emotional beings"

But there's a simple thing you could do..
you can learn to say "NO"
this might not win the situation, but it would show the other person
that-you could stand up for yourself.
that you could raise your voice against something...
that you are strong..

isn't that enough to scare the shit out of somebody.
So, next time someone uses you for their hidden goals.
be aware,, that you have two choices, either allow it to be so, or say "NO"

but remember, don't stop being kind..
because once a very kind lady said "if you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives, DO GOOD ANYWAY"

With love.

Friday, 1 May 2015

The "So Rude"- ME

The other day, i was in the canteen, waiting for my turn to order, and talking to someone i knew.
The canteen was packed with people, waiting for their turn.
I was so involved in talking to the person next to me that, unintentionally,
and without even intending to do so (Sorry! for using that phrase, Lawyer!! can't help it),
i just tapped on the feet of the chair next to me, with my shoe. 
I didn't notice, whether the person sitting on that chair noticed it or not !!
then i did it again, subconsciously..., The man (sitting on that chair) then looked at me with a bit of impatience. The person talking to me, then said that i was disturbing the man. then i immediately stopped it. Only to realize that i was  totally being rude with him...without even knowing it.

Before leaving, the man said to me that, i was disturbing him, while he was eating, and stared at me with a blank expression on his face. I couldn't do anything.. but to ignore him, as if it was not my fault. (Yes!! I Didn't Even Apologize, Shame on me...)
and then i spent the rest of the evening, thinking, how pathetic, i was...
to not have apologized at that moment.

I think, we all do this a lot..
We annoy people around us, without even knowing it,
and don't even apologize.
We, ALL... at some point of time, must have hurt, disturbed, irritated, or annoyed, someone in our lives. And we are all guilty of it.

It might be just a comment, it might just be a gesture, or a bad joke, yes, we all did it.
To us it was just something trivial. But to the other person,
it might not be so...
It might have ruined their day..
It might have made them feel awful.
It might have ripped them apart.

This is the reason, why i don't play jokes around most of the people, because, you just don't know, which joke offends whom!!! Especially around children. I hate it when adults poke fun at children, by name calling. this might be fun for the one laughing, But, to the child on the other end?
it might have made him shed a tear in the dark. And that.. is the worst possible thing one could do..

However, I don't know that man, and I haven't see that man anywhere else again,
( And hope not to)

But, as they say, the moment you accept it, that you are responsible for some wrong, and the moment you regret it, is the moment you are forgiven.

So, Here it goes.

I'm Sorry for being RUDE

With Love,