Friday, 10 April 2015

Let It Go.

Its almost evening, and its dark, cloudy, and cold,  and how else it could be!!

i was feeling so.. and the nature did too. i saw the tree in front of our house, it was almost dead, but no, it wasn't actually. the last time i saw it so broke, was during "The Cyclone".  Leaves fallen, pests eating the trunk and branches, half dead. Just like me, Hopeless, and cold. its getting everything it needs, water, sunlight, and soil, but still its under nourished. I felt that sometimes we need to go through this, once in a while, you need to feel totally direction less. only to find yourself.

There comes a time, when  you wake up and, you don't want to do anything anymore, and you just don't want to get out of that bed. you feel like you've been hit on your head. you feel like you hate everything and everyone. It may be a Bad day, Bad week, Bad month or a life, may be. May be its the dream job that you are unable to get, may be its the Guy who you have been giving priority in your life, who treats you like shit!! may be its you, or may be its just nothing.  Whatever reason you may be giving, it.

Don't let this feeling drive out the Happiness inside you. Don't let it make you believe that you have a bad life. Just don't let it!!

Remember that whatever it may be, it will pass. you only need to learn to MOVE ON...
If you don't like something, say it. if you don't want do that job, leave it. if its just a guy, who doesn't care about you, run away from him. yes!! and don't look back. If your boss wants you to do a task which makes you sick, say "NO". But, take responsibility for whatever you do. Learn to take the blame, instead of pushing it on to someone. Don't blame your parents, society or more importantly GOD! Just don't..

This!! whatever you are going through right now, is just the preparation for your future self to grow, and nurture, to gain strength, to stand out of a crowd. So, Don't be afraid. If you are going through something very bad, or feeling lonely. Then understand that there are people like you, who are exactly feeling the same right now. There are people around you, who love you. Sometimes the clouds that have dimmed your light, may not be letting you see them. but don't worry. you'll be able to let them into your life. Or even better embrace this loneliness. You might just be able to find your true self.

So, Whatever you are feeling right now, just let go. Let it go..  and "SMILE" may be for a minute, or a second, and be happy....

With Love.

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