Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Guy Next Door.

How do you even explain him...

He is Pure at heart, Soft spoken, Out of this world...
From some place other than earth..
Just so good to be true...

The way he smiles at someone, on being called "Nice",
The way he Blushes, on being called "Handsome"... its priceless..
Oh, You don't know!! you  just don't know, how wonderful he is..
Rihanna wrote "Shine bright like a Diamond" just for him..

He was a friend to few, and foe to many,
Of course, How can someone so nice, be Tolerated??
He made anyone around him, feel jealous, by just smiling.
Oh boy...And the time he waved  back at me..
I almost fainted...!!

He had the face of a "king", Brains of a "Philosopher",
and heart of an "Angel"
Someone who could turn heads back, by just walking in..
Yet he was so humble.. He would smile and say
"Really, I don't think so.. but thanks anyway"

You know its a privilege to be in the company of someone like him,
someone who could make you go weak in your knees..
Someone with such fabulous hair, like a "Leo",
Someone Who is so effortlessly cool..
someone with whom you can even share your food..

Someone who doesn't even  belong to this place...
but feels like "The guy next door"
Wherever you are...
You must be too good to be true....
Oh! You are a Dream come true....

With Love,

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